Providing Clean Water for Drinking and Agricultural Use


Kajiado County, Kenya


October 1, 2018


IndiMark, Kenya

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Located in the southern part of Kenya, Kajiado County is home to a Maasai community of approximately 200,000. Nomadic pastoralism and some farming make up the bulk of its economy; however, the county is characterized by erratic rains, extreme temperatures, and severe drought. In addition to climate change, illegal wood-cutting for the charcoal industry and cattle overgrazing have overburdened the environment. Decreasing groundwater levels and erosion have made access to water sources difficult, and some of the existing sources of water require filtration or other treatment to be suitable for human consumption–a potentially costly activity. The community needs support in planning and investing in a clean, safe, and easily accessible source of water.

What We Are Doing:


In March and April, 2019 we conducted three surveys to evaluate the best potential water sources for the community, including springs and groundwater. The surveys were undertaken at: Eiti village in Loodo Ariak, Olkudate village in Ntashat, and Ngatatek village in Ololilai in Kajiado County. The survey reports have provided us with detailed information for the Phase II of the project. (Cost: $5,000)


Work with the Maasai community and organizations focused on water and engineering to determine the scope and cost of the project. This will include analysis of the investment, sustainability, equipment, education, training, and other elements critical to the project’s success. (Cost: TBD)


As part of our investment in the water project, we will work with the local community to develop adjacent initiatives that reinforce a holistic, sustainable approach to success. These may include water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH); education; and women and girl’s empowerment.