About IndiMark

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Our Mission

We create connections to partners and resources that empower underserved communities to find sustainable, collaborative, inclusive solutions to local needs. Together with our partner non-profit organization, IndiMark Kenya, in Kajiado County, Kenya, we’ve identified three of the community’s biggest needs: water, empowering women and girls, and education. However, they are not unique to the Maasai people. These pillars will serve as a starting point for the projects we develop and fund, as well as the partnerships we build between communities in different parts of the world.

Our Vision

A worldwide network of resources and connections – physical and virtual – ensuring that no person in need (especially women) feels powerless or alone.

Our Organization

IndiMark is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in July 2018. We are located in Madison, Wisconsin.

Our name is a combination of the word “indigenous” and our desire to “leave a mark” by developing solutions with lasting and significant impact. It also serves as a tribute to the person who inspired us to start a nonprofit.

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